Gift - Under the Rainbow by MOONSTONE and Yukiwo — Completed


It is based off of the ero-game entitled Gift (ギフト).
Gift is a story that revolves around high school student Haruhiko Amami and his strong connection to the mysterious power that surrounds the town of Narasakicho. It has two distinguishing characteristics: a rainbow that seems permanently fixed in the sky no matter the weather, and an ability known as Gift possessed by all its inhabitants. Gift's power can only be evoked by each person once in a lifetime, and is able to grant a single miracle. To be successful, a Gift must reflect the shared feelings of both the giver and the receiver. If the feelings are not mutual, the Gift is distorted and has the ability to wreak havoc on the surrounding area. When this happens, a black streak appears in the rainbow above town until Gift is used correctly. The story begins as Haruhiko's younger sister, Riko Fukimine, returns home after several years away. Beginning with her appearance, Haruhiko's life starts to change very quickly and feelings of the past begin to surface once more.

Volume 1
Chapter 1: I'm Home! released Oct 8 '08
Chapter 2: The Black Haired Girl released Oct 12 '08
Chapter 3: Lunch Break Humoresque released Oct 12 '08
Chapter 4: Rhapsody In Blue released Nov 30 '08
Chapter 5: Sweetest Taboo released Jan 3 '09
Chapter 6: Seaside Heartbeats released Mar 24 '09
Chapter 7: Shinyx2 Everybody! released Mar 24 '09
Volume 2
Chapter 8: Thrilling Night released Apr 30 '09
Chapter 9: In My Mind released May 12 '09
Chapter 10: Triangle Elegy released May 17 '09
Chapter 11: Two Gifts released May 22 '09
Chapter 12: Desire released Jun 1 '09
Chapter 13: Under The Rainbow released Jun 1 '09