Gakkou no Sensei by Suyama Shinya — Ongoing


Sakura (a down-to-earth chick), Akane (a loli), and Yuriko (an otaku) have been friends ever since they met in high school. They all wanted to become teachers and now that they've grown up somehow agreed on living together. The story depicts their lives as teachers.

Volume 1
Chapter 1: Sensei is a Sensei, Starting Today released Oct 26 '09
Chapter 2: Sensei is Not a Lolicon released Jan 3 '10
Chapter 3: Whether or Not Sensei Can Become a Teacher of Love released Jan 21 '10
Chapter 4: Sensei is Hot-Blooded, in the Corner. released Mar 15 '10
Chapter 5: Why is that Sensei Totally Naked? released Aug 5 '10
Chapter 6: Sensei Likes Red Things Like 3 Times as Much released Jun 16 '13
Chapter 7: Sensei is having fun at the beach. But like a responsible adult. released Jul 28 '13 Swimsuits
Chapter 8: Sensei will fight. For the sake of the future. released Oct 1 '13
Chapter 9: Sensei is an S? Either Way She's a T. released Oct 10 '13
Chapter 10: 「Sensei isn't popular, but she will live on.」 released Jan 19 '14