Download App Girl by Mochizuki Kako — Ongoing

Also known as Otoshite Appli Girl


From Trinity BAKumA:

Kurose Urumi, an antisocial woman, just became a new teacher. On the first day of her job, she arrives in an empty classroom with a single laptop. Suddenly, a girl materializes out of the laptop, claiming to be her student, and explaining her job as a teacher is to “download the other students and help them graduate!” Kurose reluctantly agrees to the task, and slowly finds out that her job may be fun after all.

Volume 1
Chapter 1: Application Girl START released Oct 20 '11
Chapter 2: Love Overheats released Apr 10 '12
Chapter 3: Exciting Orientation released May 9 '12
Chapter 4: A Woman's Battle released May 29 '12
Chapter 5: The Shortest War in history! released Jul 4 '12
Volume 2
Chapter 6: Producing a Pessimist released Sep 20 '12
Chapter 7: I Can't Say Anything in the Mid-Summer Beach released Oct 12 '12 Swimsuits
Chapter 8: When The Female Teachers Cry released Sep 16 '13
Chapter 9: Rehabilitation's Bonds released Sep 16 '13
Chapter 10: Doki * A Study Group Full of Idiots released Jun 23 '14
Volume 3
Chapter 11: Calm Before The Storm released Jun 23 '14
Chapter 12: First Picnic released Jan 21 '15