Cassiopeia Dolce by Nobuyuki Takagi — Dropped


Anna Molmoque has become a doll meister apprentice (Dolce), something that she's admired ever since she was small. Excited, she was taken in by Dollhouse Casseiopeia, but the place is filled with people who are a little strange.

Looked after by the manager, Elsa Vuleria and the co-manager, Olga Black, Anna witnessed the two kissing! Olga was just waking up the sleeping Elsa with a kiss, but that was the first time Anna saw two girls kissing, so she was surprised!

Chapter 0 released Nov 21 '07 Full colour
Chapter 1 released Dec 25 '07 Drunk
Chapter 2 released Sep 5 '08
Chapter 3 released Nov 20 '09
Chapter 4 released Oct 6 '09
Cassiopeia Dolchu released May 24 '09