Bokura wa Minna Ikiteiru! by Tiv — Completed

Also known as We Are All Alive! and All of Us Are Active!


"Miko, a young girl from the north, finally manages to visit the city for the first time. She came in hopes of finding her older sister, but gets lost instead. She finds a cat scaling the handrail of a bridge, but it accidentally falls off. Miko tries to save it, but instead she falls off herself. When she wakes up, she realizes that she's actually already dead, but the cat had saved her with one of its nine cat lives. Unfortunately, a cat's life only lasts for a year, and Miko needs to figure out a way to get her original life back, as well as a way to somehow find her sister." -Kirei Cake

Volume 1
Chapter 1: Miko and the City of Miracles released Aug 15 '11
Chapter 2: Miko and the Noisy Classroom released Aug 15 '11
Chapter 3: Miko and the Dangerous Raven released Jun 12 '12
Chapter 4: Miko and the Scent of Donuts released Dec 7 '12
Chapter 5: Miko and the Doki Doki Love Letter released May 31 '13
Chapter 5.5: Niu and the Cute Dress Shoppe released May 31 '13 Cross-dressing
Volume 2
Chapter 6: Miko and Her Solo Supervision released May 31 '13
Chapter 7: Miko and the Busy Culture Festival (Part 1) released Mar 4 '14
Chapter 8: Miko and the Busy Culture Festival (Part 2) released Mar 31 '14
Chapter 8.5: Miko and the Busy Culture Festival (Extra) released Mar 31 '14
Chapter 9: Miko and Onee-sama's Whereabouts released Mar 22 '15
Chapter 10: Miko and the Hopeless Cold released May 15 '15
Chapter 10.5: Niu and the Boy Who Likes Cats released Jun 18 '15 Cross-dressing
Volume 3
Chapter 11: Miko and the Abandoned Cat's Feelings released Nov 11 '15
Chapter 12: Miko and the School that was Taken Over released Dec 28 '15
Chapter 13: Miko and the Unsettling Speech Spot released Jan 14 '16
Chapter 14: Miko and the Operation in the Darkness released Mar 27 '16
Chapter 15: Miko and the Promise They Made released Apr 19 '16
Chapter 16: Miko and the Bond that will Never Disappear released Apr 19 '16
Chapter 17: Miko and the Tiny Miracle released Apr 19 '16