Assistant Denki Keika by Nishikawa Rosuke — Ongoing


The Iron Pen Force plans on taking over the world, and no manga assistant will stand in their way! But in an attempt to eliminate Tamae, an aspiring manga assistant, they are thwarted by Keika, a master of Manga Assistant Jutsu! Keika saves Tamae, and after a bit of misunderstanding, they become very intimate friends. But what plans do the Iron Pen Force have in store for Keika?

Chapter 1 released Nov 13 '09
Chapter 2 released Nov 28 '09
Chapter 3 released Feb 1 '10
Chapter 4 released Feb 14 '10
Chapter 5 released May 15 '10 Het Rape Toys
Chapter 6: The White Devil Approaches released Feb 3 '11 Het
Chapter 7: Faceless Man released Feb 3 '11