Assault Lily: League of Gardens -full bloom- by Tsukinami Kousuke — Ongoing


When the enigmatic life-forms called the Huge appeared, they nearly brought the world to ruin. But humanity studied the energy called magie and created CHARMs, potent weapons against the Huge.

Teenage girls, who proved to resonate the most with CHARMs, became the vanguard in the war with the Huge. There is a name for these girls who fight against humankind's end. They are known as elegant flowers of battleā€”as Lilies.

A manga adaptation of the stage play "Assault Lily: League of Gardens."

Volume 1
Chapter 1: I, Hitotsuyanagi Riri, Will Become A Lily! released May 12 '22
Chapter 2: My First CHARM released May 21 '22
Chapter 3: Because We're Lilies Too released Jun 20 '22
Chapter 4: The Lilies' Battlefield released Jul 11 '22
Chapter 5: Legions and Schutzengels released Jul 24 '22
Volume 2
Chapter 6: Love and Trust Among the Fighting Maidens released Aug 20 '22
Chapter 7: A Maiden's Secrets and Lingering Scars released Sep 8 '22
Chapter 8: Please Don't Say That You Want to Die Anymore released Oct 2 '22 Violence
Chapter 9: Riri's Ordeal, Yuyu's Regret released Nov 8 '22
Chapter 10: Feelings Left Unspoken released Dec 5 '22
Chapter 11: Our Fearless Advance released Feb 24 '23
Interlude 1: A Gift From the Elves' Home released Apr 2 '23
Volume 3
Chapter 12: The Defense of Shimokitazawa released Aug 14 '23