After School Re-Reincarnation! by sometime — Ongoing


Ten years ago, a magic circle suddenly appeared above Earth, connecting it to the parallel world Alterna. This led to the invention of the Alternaphone, which allows people to freely reincarnate between worlds, allowing earthlings to become adventurers and otherworlders to become normal citizens. The series follows two amnesiac girls, earthling Kurami Utaho and otherworlder Melua Solaris, as they go back and forth between ordinary life on Earth and adventuring on Alterna.

Chapter 1: (Ab)normal Everyday World released Apr 3 '22
Chapter 1.1: Pixiv Extras released Apr 3 '22
Chapter 2: Dangerous Girl(s) released Apr 3 '22 Ecchi
Chapter 2.1: Pixiv Extras released Apr 3 '22
Chapter 3: The Strongest in Another World? I Don't Have Any "Memory" Of That, So What? (A Beautiful Gamer Girl, Her Beautiful Friends and Their Kya Kya Ufufu Reincarnation Life) released Apr 4 '22
Chapter 3.1: Pixiv Extras: April Fools' released Apr 4 '22
Chapter 4: Morals released Apr 23 '22
Chapter 4.1: Pixiv Extras released Apr 23 '22
Chapter 5: For my (Precious Thing's) Sake released May 25 '22
Chapter 5.1: Pixiv Extras released May 25 '22
Chapter 6: Role Playing (Gamer) released Jun 24 '22
Chapter 6.1: Pixiv Extras released Jun 24 '22