A Plain High School Girl Is ○○'d by Pretty Girls by Noyama

Chapter 1: A Plain High School Girl Is Teased by Pretty Girls released Dec 3 '20
Chapter 2: A Plain Girl and a Struggle For Existence released Dec 3 '20
Chapter 3: A Plain Girl Experiences the Harshness of the Rainy Season released Dec 3 '20
Chapter 4: A Plain High School Girl Is Given Wild Delusions From A Middle School Girl She Knows released Dec 4 '20 Wishful thinking
Chapter 5: A Plain High School Girl Experiences How Cramped Lockers Are released Dec 4 '20
Chapter 6: A Single Word From A Grade Schooler Turned Me From A Gyaru Into A Teacher released Dec 4 '20 Age gap Gyaru
Chapter 7: A Plain Girl Studies With Her Gyaru Teacher released Dec 7 '20 Age gap Gyaru Student x Teacher
Chapter 8: A Plain High School Girl And A Girl Who Wants To Be Friends released Dec 8 '20
Chapter 9: To My Past Self released Dec 9 '20
Chapter 10: A Girl With All Kinds Of Openings released Dec 11 '20
Chapter 11: The Somewhat Incorrect Name of an UMA released Dec 14 '20
Chapter 12: The First Proposal Was Four Years Ago released Dec 14 '20
Chapter 13: My Childhood Friend Wants Me To Hold Her released Dec 14 '20
Chapter 14: A Teacher And Student Can't Take It Anymore released Dec 14 '20
Chapter 15: A High School Girl Hitting The Wrong Targets released Dec 14 '20
Chapter 16: Enjoying the Scent of High School Girls released Mar 5 '21 Smell
Chapter 17: Fumina-chan Isn't Wearing Anything released Mar 5 '21 NSFW
Chapter 18: Accidental Onee-chan released Mar 5 '21
Chapter 19: A Book That Will Definitely Make Your Feelings Mutual released Mar 5 '21