A Lying Bride's Case for Same-Sex Marriage by Kodama Naoko

Also known as Lying Brides and Same Sex Marriage Theory and Usotsuki Hanayome to Dousei Kekkon-ron


A story about a lesbian office lady fed up with with a society where she has to go along with the convenience of heterosexuals, even though same-sex marriage is still not legal and may not be in the near future.

One day, she reconnects with an old crush who was always popular with men. Now in a troubled marriage, she asks to spend the night.

This is the story of two people who are polar opposites who question the ideal state of "marriage" and "happiness".

(Source: Yuri-Hime, translated)

Chapter 1: Must Be Nice to Get Married. released Nov 14 '23 Philosophical
Chapter 2: The Married Moocher released Dec 31 '23 NSFW
Chapter 3: A Devious Woman released Jan 12 '24
Chapter 4: An Enigmatic Bride released Feb 7 '24
Chapter 5: Consequences of a Secret released May 6 '24 Aaaaaangst