RoyceAxle Jul 2, 2018 9:53PM

Be proud of your girlfriends abs D. Va, hot damn.

Omega Deuse Jul 3, 2018 2:44AM

So, D.Va's the playgirl of overwatch at this point, right? She gets shipped with basically everyone that's not hog or one of the omnics.

Bugpope Jul 3, 2018 4:05AM

D.Va is arguably the most popular girl in the game, at least when it comes to fan art, so she ends up being paired with everyone.

Sweet Dangus McGee Jul 3, 2018 12:42PM

Except this one actually works

Nekofanatic Jul 3, 2018 2:59PM

^It’s like a rabbit falling in love with a puppy. It’s cute. :3

Bugpope Jul 4, 2018 4:36PM

Yeah, this one at least has the mechanic+pilot connection, which is more than what pretty much every other one has.

SushiKnight Jul 5, 2018 3:46AM

Well, there's mech pilot x hacker (d.va. x sombra, obiously), that one has a connection. I'm fond of D.va x Lucio as well, just because the ship name I've seen is "Bunnyribbit" and that's a hilarious name.
Actually, a lot of OW ship names are fantastic. There's Spiderbyte (widow x sombra) which is a great pun, and there's the classic Pharmercy which I've always thought was clever, and plenty more.

Besides, people have never let the likelihood of a ship get in the way of their favorite pairing before! :P

edit: also the obvious ship for Brigitte is with Reinhardt, of course. They're perfect for each other! I mean who doesn't like some Age Gap ;P

last edited at Jul 5, 2018 3:49AM

Sweet Dangus McGee Jul 5, 2018 2:09PM

I was with you until the end there, don't be a creep you creep.

BlazingSeraph Jul 6, 2018 2:57PM

Brigitte x D.Va is such a nice ship tbh. I would honestly prefer her with Tracer if I didn't ship the fuck out of WidowTracer already.

BakaChiki Jul 11, 2018 3:20PM


Bojack727 May 5, 2019 2:12AM

Who?! Who is the giant woman with our little D.Va?! lol