juanelric Mar 25, 2018 9:55PM

Another one of the pics I suggested. <3

RoyceAxle Mar 25, 2018 10:40PM

Thank you for your contribution to society.

mint-leaf Mar 25, 2018 11:33PM

^I agree, thank you very much.

redpanther Mar 25, 2018 11:51PM

The ultimate talisman.

juanelric Mar 26, 2018 12:51AM

We need more of this 3P. xD
I honestly don't ship 3P, but I still like the fanarts. lol

Salamandrake Mar 26, 2018 5:25AM

Just a bit curious, why is this Threesome and not HarukaxUsagi and MichiruxUsagi separately? Here there are 2 pairing instead of 1 threesome, but that pic and this one both has 2 women attracted(?) to a 3rd woman.

last edited at Mar 26, 2018 5:25AM

UranusAndNeptuneAreJustCousins Mar 26, 2018 8:13AM

Damn, lucky Usagi! This is some seriously hot stuff~

Though, it would have been slightly better if Uranus was drawn with her choker as well, two darkly-coloured Senshi with chokers double-teaming poor Usagi in the middle would have been pure perfection... no idea why that detail stands out so much for me, lol.

Artemis Mar 27, 2018 12:17PM

While this is hot, being that hardcore Haruka and Michiru shipper means I much prefer seeing them showing affections for each other and not a third person... Lol, I can take Usagi

souleater Mar 28, 2018 3:11AM

3'p <3