Norainhere Oct 5, 2017 10:29PM

I imagine this is right after their first time together, and they've only recently stared dating which is why they're so awkward. Or maybe it's right before they do it?

Mimiyaah Oct 5, 2017 10:32PM

Looks like they are about to do it (。・//ε//・。)

tinyske Oct 5, 2017 10:43PM

i sure love this two >////<

Midnightgunner Oct 5, 2017 10:48PM

Hm. Before or after sex? Well, my Sherlock Holmes analytical observation skills tell me that there are no blood stains on the sheets, therefore, it's before the act. This yuri mistery is solved, you're very much welcome.

Nezchan Oct 5, 2017 10:50PM

Blood stains, wtf?

Yui-chin Oct 5, 2017 11:01PM

I would guess this is before: Akko still got her bra on... they are either awkwardly getting themselves up from a passionate moment that went too far, or (and my favorite option) they are awkwardly (expectanctly) getting ready... but again, Diana could be unbuttoning her shirt or dressing herself ...

themusicman500 Oct 6, 2017 12:09AM

@Midnightgunner Most women don't bleed their first time having sex.

I'd assume this is before rather than after, I figure they'd be more relaxed after getting it over with.

last edited at Oct 6, 2017 12:10AM

kickap00 Oct 6, 2017 1:54AM

@Midnightgunner you read way too much hentai if you think girls bleed their first time

KonoChi Oct 6, 2017 2:17AM

Aye...I read hentai..24/7..so hush

Komohiro Oct 6, 2017 3:09AM


Ktulu007 Oct 6, 2017 4:05AM

The moment is tense as they each expect the other to make the first move.

Aki_Chan Oct 6, 2017 4:34AM

Both thinking: T-t-that was intense, we just kissed so passionately and got carried away... *blushing

Diana thinking: This is incredibly awkward, must button my shirt back... It's ok Diana you can do this you can do this!! Did I just moan while we're kissing?... This is so embarrassing *blushes

Akko thinking: Thaaat was awesome I really want to continue... I'm pretty sure she moaned... oh, she was so damn sexy, I'm so turned on now, should I tackle her and strip her? Oh, we're gonna see each other naked for the first time *blushes


last edited at Oct 6, 2017 5:25AM

KitchenReno Oct 6, 2017 9:24AM

Well THAT happened

KYOUSAYA4LIFE Oct 6, 2017 2:05PM

After the first night together.

BakaChiki Oct 7, 2017 3:20PM

When there having those "When..do i..make a move?" Looks

souleater Oct 7, 2017 11:57PM

is this after or before sex ?

Bugpope Oct 10, 2017 1:18AM

Definitely looks like before sex. They're undressing, but it's all tense and awkward as they're not sure how to do this, really. But it usually solves itself once you get into it, don't worry girls.

Orochi5 Oct 10, 2017 11:45AM

Ok ok, in my opinion AFTER bc do yall see theyre hair and on top of that the sweating and draws nor skirt is no way to b found and plus that expression is of GUILT not confusion lol (¬_¬;)ahem

last edited at Oct 10, 2017 11:46AM

Bugpope Oct 10, 2017 9:09PM

They're wearing underwear under the shirts though, and sweating nervously. It doesn't really make sense if it's after.

Shirone Oct 12, 2017 10:54AM

I think is after.
Well that already morning maybe..
And those two hair is mess like just wake up, they blushing because remember what hapen last night :v
If that before why they are both don't wear skirt or pants ?

last edited at Oct 12, 2017 11:10AM