themusicman500 Dec 27, 2016 8:18PM

I don't hate the idea of this pairing. But it wasn't fully developed and all I can think of is how devastated Yuri (and I) was when Marina decapitated Discharge. Hard to imagine how she could have fully gotten over that and grown attracted to her.

Minutoh Dec 27, 2016 8:22PM

Who's this Discharge person again? You know, perhaps, Yuri's like me and just completely forgot about it! I'd agree that it just came out of nowhere though... Yuri x Miyuki would have been a hell of a lot better in my opinion but oh well.

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Cannibal Dec 27, 2016 8:52PM

Discharge is the family dude that's super weak until he gets tricked into taking superhero steroids, then becomes a monster who ends up getting executed after getting captured. I think it could have been fleshed out more but the manga does make it a point for Yuri to forgive Marina, she understood that Marina was just trying to do the right thing.

Mimiyaah Dec 27, 2016 10:13PM

Nice :3

yuikumari Dec 27, 2016 10:40PM

ii lke age-gap <3

Homura E.N.D Dec 28, 2016 5:37AM

I'm sure Marina is the perv in the relationship