flips Mar 20, 2015 1:13AM

I don't know anything about Persona, but I like that robo-girl Aigis, wish there was more stuff with her.

Rye Mar 20, 2015 2:45AM

I REALLY wish you could be gayer in P3P sigh lol u jelly Yukari?

Norainhere Mar 20, 2015 3:39AM

This is totally canon, right? I mean, Aigis is romanceable by the female protagonist.

Chantelune Mar 20, 2015 6:06AM

In a kinda platonic way, yeah, but still, that's the closer we get (with elizabeth, I guess, but hardly count... )

Love P3P for the female MC, but would have love it even more if we could romance the girls too. ><

But great pic. ^^

BakemonoJoker Mar 20, 2015 10:05AM

Yeah I love it XD olllways shipped dis!!!!

yukito Mar 20, 2015 10:23PM

this makes me so happy

Urashi C. Pin Mar 21, 2015 4:38AM

Isn't her name Kotone?

Chantelune Mar 21, 2015 5:37AM

Not sure if she has a canon name, but I suppose the author used the one he (or she) chose when playing ?

Tenck Mar 21, 2015 11:51AM

Minato Arisato is the name of the male protagonist in the manga adaption, so the female one is called Minako by many. The stage adaption gave both of them new names. In fact, I think each different adaption got them a different name? The games consistently give no name though, so...

last edited at Mar 21, 2015 11:54AM

spikesagitta Mar 24, 2015 10:49AM

Aww! This is my head canon

Clefable Apr 5, 2015 4:53AM

The male P3 protagonist never officially has a canon name. He's Minato in Persona Q, and Makoto Yuki in the Movies.

LumberingCrane Jul 11, 2016 5:17AM

This is definitely canon and sorely underappreciated. I don't understand how people see the social link as platonic. Surely Aigis wishes to be a guy specifically because guys can get closer to girls better in a purely platonic way, right? -_-

last edited at Jul 11, 2016 5:19AM