FluffyCow Apr 2, 2024 2:03AM

Wife cuddles

nintenplayer Apr 2, 2024 6:47AM

You know, I only see these two so happy together now, it's hard to believe this is from Gundam

Not that I'm complaining

luinthoron Apr 2, 2024 12:29PM

Beautiful. ^_^

V-Oblivion Apr 2, 2024 8:18PM

@nintenplayer I think that's because the ending was alterated, since season one ended with Ariel's new gun, which suspiciously vanished, not to mention how rushed some parts were (personally I still think it was a good ending).

It is not the first time to have happened, Seed Destiny, IBO and even the original Gundam series had modified endings than the originally planned due to different reasons. So is not unknown for a Gundam series to change their mind by the end. And honesty, we are the happier for it.

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Yuri Yuriyuri Apr 3, 2024 12:57PM

Oh my goodness

And They Were Roommates Apr 3, 2024 6:01PM

why they always make the slightly tanned one the more masculine one?

FluffyCow Apr 3, 2024 9:21PM

^Suletta is canonically stronger and has more stamina/endurance than Mio. For example Suletta can canonically lift slabs of concrete, while her wife is not nearly as physical. So fans like to draw her as having some muscles, and it looks good in my opinion.

HumbleBumble Apr 4, 2024 12:51AM

She's bigger, taller, stronger(that concrete slab she moved supposedly weighed around 600lbs btw), faster, and has unlimited stamina. If the show ever got room to breathe, I expect a plotline about Suletta being genetically perfected by mommy dearest would've come up. I think it would be very safe to say, especially after the finale, that she is very literally built different.

welease.wodger Apr 4, 2024 7:16AM

My, What big feet you have!

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ninryu Apr 4, 2024 9:47AM

Don't spread misinformation, director Kobayashi said in an interview that Suletta and Mio were planned to be married at the end since the beginning since the anime is loosely based on The Tempest

FluffyCow Apr 4, 2024 4:00PM

^It was fun to hear the Tempest element confirmed by the director. My friend had been telling me since maybe episode 1 aired that because it's based on the Tempest they will get married by the end, and I have nothing to worry about there. I went, well I trust said friend and I'm just going to hope for the best haha

Lvia Apr 4, 2024 4:45PM

since season one ended with Ariel's new gun, which suspiciously vanished

@V-Oblivion Aerial's new gun didn't vanish, its just that theyre made from her bits, so it can be unbuilt. Also, she did use it again in episode 17.

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