GIN-san desu Feb 19, 2024 10:01PM

This is the exact moment Remilia became Mei Mei.

GrimEater Feb 19, 2024 11:23PM

Vampires are immune to man's law

Zesc Feb 20, 2024 8:45AM

But isn't Remilia physically (and perhaps mentally) younger than Sakuya? I smell hypocrisy!

Reirin Feb 23, 2024 4:50AM

Remilia you will be living on the couch or be the bottom forever!

Mistopheles Mar 14, 2024 6:32AM

You know, considering the two sakuyas appear to be the same age and at the same stage of the relationship... I guess at least Remilia's honest?

DoAFlip Apr 5, 2024 12:19AM

Ya know, I’ve always internally joked about this for a while, and this captures my thought process beautifully (I’ll still let Remilia get away with it just this once, maybe)

last edited at Apr 5, 2024 12:19AM