FluffyCow Dec 12, 2023 12:28AM

Sith is going to be getting a little sister from the looks of it :P

ZeroTheYuriLover Dec 12, 2023 7:17PM

We need more yuri featuring both versions of gudako since she is not only the better protagonist in FGO but shes also better cuz shes a woman

Reirin Dec 13, 2023 5:49AM

Is there any difference between Gudako and the male counterpart?

juanelric Dec 13, 2023 7:45AM

^^Whuddya mean both versions of Gudako? Like game and Learning with Manga? Or female and male?

@Reirin for one, very different character designs

thechampionmike95 Dec 13, 2023 2:59PM

I feel like for Morgan everyday would be Wife Day. Gudako probably never gets any sleep at night

VPedge Dec 14, 2023 7:13AM

@Reirin lol no outside of the obvy gender change and hair they are the same person. Nothing in game as far as i can remember changes based on this aswell so the whole best protag kinda makes me laugh abit.

FluffyCow Dec 14, 2023 4:18PM

Various bits of dialogue change, mainly in being gendered differently. I think there's a couple cases where the master is acknowledged differently due to gender, for example I think sometimes a servant will say gender doesn't matter when it comes to romance. Though I forget if that's specifically triggered by playing as Gudako. Also in this case with Morgan specifically, she calls the player Husband or Wife depending on who you play as. So that's a cute little change.

There's also various different arts in the story for Gudao and Gudako, including how they have differently designed command spells. Mystic Codes / Outfits are designed differently for each master.

Yes they're both the "Chaldea Master" at their core, so the "best master" is largely on if you want to play as Boy/Girl, and various scenarios depending on that factor, art, so fourth. If you want to play as a cute girl that gets the girls, Gudako is obviously the go to choice haha

thechampionmike95 Dec 15, 2023 11:13AM

I'd say in game there's no differences but there's definitely a difference based on their gender if you consider how they'd be treated by their servants outside of what we see. For example Gudako would be able to do and see things with the female servants Gudao wouldn't be able to. And their previous lives would be different based off their gender. I think that's what the manga do best. Like how in the Shimousa manga Gudako really felt like a mom to Jack. Or how in the Salem manga she comes across as a sister to Robin. She's also better able to join the play has a woman than if she was Gudao. I do hate that fact that the Agartha story (worst story imo) doesn't play up the gender part, since that's the only story in FGO where it would really matter playing Gudako or Gudao.

FluffyCow Dec 15, 2023 2:37PM

I remember now that NA's summer event this year had different dialogue for camping with the boys or the girls, depending on if you're playing Gudao or Gudako. There is definitely some differences in game, even if they're usually more subtle than the manga adaptions where gender is more of a factor, and on that note reminds me of the fanart of inspired by a recent chapter of the Shinjuku manga adaption, where Gudao wears a dress, and looks good doing it haha

Shinjuku has the aspect in game as well, and on the other side from what I remember you have Gudako, who wears a black suit, which we get the visuals for that in the game's Shinjuku chapter trailer as well, and it inspired various lovely fan-arts