hikichan Nov 17, 2023 11:29PM

i would fold if anybdy did this to me>//<

GrimEater Nov 17, 2023 11:35PM

Pay with interest

luinthoron Nov 18, 2023 5:44AM

Nice. :D

Vusuko Nov 18, 2023 11:53AM

Huh, normally I always follow the more popular ships when it comes to shipping. However for some reason these two just.. Work for me, haha.

nintenplayer Nov 20, 2023 12:52AM

^ I'm with you lol, I think Hiroi is my second favorite ship for Bocchi behind Kita

Noctis Nov 20, 2023 5:15PM

Bocchi is basically shippable with almost all of the girls with few exceptions:

With Kita they have a retroactive relationship where both learn from the other, bocchi to be a bit more open and kita to not think so little of herself just bc she is a "normie" overall compensating each others lack of something

With Nijika she works as a push in nijikas back towards her dream and she gets a solid support on nijika wife material

With Ryo she basically have a classic musical couple kind of thing, both with talent and pretty similar way of being but different enough that they work together too

With kikuri its a bit complicated due to the age gap but i think its basically the same as Hachiman with his Sensei, should the both of them have the same age they would probably be a thing, tho even now Bocchi can be an example to Kikuri that she can be better without alcohol, probably even get rid of her addiction eventually and, in Kikuri, Bocchi can find a somehow wiser person to guide her in some regards... At least until she becomes a full adult twice kikuri size and pins her to a wall and messes her up leaving her with twins in her belly /j

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