carlosraruto Sep 9, 2023 5:55AM


Eagletanker Sep 9, 2023 6:15AM

Homophobes be like "She just tripped! It's Platonic! She's platonically going in for a kiss on the lips while moving her hand to Hisami's thigh! It's ment to be platonic!"

Platonic my ass, these two are fucking gay for one another. No amount of yelling about mistranslations will ever triumph character actions*.

Needed to get that out, been stewing it too long

*Note: in Udoalg, Hisami is consistently portrayed as fucking things up to get her boss to yell at her and to get her attention. If she admired her boss in a strictly looking up to superiors way, it makes no sense for her to fuck up her boss's plans. The mistranslation excuse is a flimsy one at best.

carlosraruto Sep 9, 2023 12:32PM

"Yeah, she might be a raging masochist torwards Zanmu , but she is a PLATONIC raging masochist" /s

Now I've read everything

zokoi Sep 10, 2023 2:26AM

^ I saw someone actually said that unironically on danbooru, and honestly, it's hilarious

@Eagletanker: you're right and you should say it more!!!