juanelric Sep 4, 2023 10:32PM

From the thumb I thought it was Sophie and Norea

last edited at Sep 4, 2023 10:33PM

ThatAlpacagon Sep 5, 2023 1:58AM

Oh that one recent song by Eve!

FluffyCow Sep 5, 2023 3:05AM

Eve's new music video was a treat, though it definitely needed more kissing :P

BeanBeanKingdom Sep 5, 2023 3:41AM

Source is this masterpiece, watch it if you haven't:

Faylicia Sep 5, 2023 4:03AM

Ahhhh I love them! Such a great couple!

KS YuuHaru Sep 5, 2023 10:33AM

We need a whole series of this OMG

Swag Wagon Sep 5, 2023 1:17PM

I made the mistake of reading too deep into the youtube comments and Imma 'bout ready to throw hands with the next homophobe who says otherwise

Porrima Sep 5, 2023 6:06PM

^I honestly do not know if the order comments are presented in is different for different people (not touching any sorting options of course) due to location/algorithm/magic, but for me literally the 30 first comments (in 4 different languages) had nothing negative in them.

No doubt somewhere even lower there's a lot of whatever, or in the replies of those first 30 comments, but I honestly think going that deep to social media is hurting yourself on purpose.

last edited at Sep 5, 2023 6:08PM

Swag Wagon Sep 5, 2023 6:19PM

I know nothing else better than purposeful acts of self sabotage.

juanelric Sep 5, 2023 6:43PM

I just realized it is possible to add tags to doujin tags, so I went ahead and suggested Music for this one xD

Elitshen Sep 5, 2023 9:18PM

I have been going crazy over them, I commented on the MV itself, but how they started incorporating each others' colors in their outfits near the end of the MV was so cuuuteeee, like pink girl started wearing blue socks and a blue belt, and blue girl had pink stars on her top UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH

ThatAlpacagon Sep 7, 2023 4:07PM

I wonder what their story is. Why suddenly the pink girl left?... My theory is at the beginning they both are bored individuals who just met by coincidence and bonded over their similarities. At first it was full of fun and excitement. But at some point we can see the blue girl stopped smiling as much even when together. Same goes for the pink girl.

My guess is they got used by each other presence that its not as exciting as they used to be(?) So at one point the pink girl realize they might get bored of each other sooner or later. So she ran away out of fear that her guess might be true(?)

Something like "I dont want this feeling to fade so let me just end this so that it can stay like that" OR "Did I bore her? Should I left before she does?"

BeanBeanKingdom Sep 7, 2023 6:11PM

^ The meaning is pretty clear when you correlate the lyrics and the animation. For reference:

Pink girl lives an empty life at the start rife with anxiety towards the "wolves and tigers" i.e. the people and aspects of society that put you down, which she sees as those sparkling monsters. She gets inspired when she sees blue girl refusing to keep her head down and does something outrageous ("listen to the noise of your heart") to help her. They bond and she finds solace until she becomes anxious again and leaves, but blue chases her down and assures her they'll be alright.

ThatAlpacagon Sep 8, 2023 2:21AM

^oh that translation actually make more sense than the one from YT captions. Thanks

Serenata Sep 8, 2023 9:12PM

Oh NICE!! I was so impressed with the video

Elitshen Sep 22, 2023 12:17AM