Vankomycin Aug 25, 2023 10:56PM

Wearing a Highway to Hell T-shirt in a Christian house sends some kind of mixed signal, I think.

Junior1210 Aug 26, 2023 12:53AM

Nothing wrong with an AC-DC t-shirt. Better than Petra, anyway.

GrimEater Aug 26, 2023 1:20AM

What nice Christians

Yomama2000 Aug 26, 2023 12:22PM

Average Christian household activities

nio_neka Aug 26, 2023 12:25PM

don't worry mumma. she's on her way to the promised land.

last edited at Aug 27, 2023 7:14PM

luinthoron Aug 26, 2023 2:39PM

Well, she really isn't, so no problem there.

Omega Deuse Aug 26, 2023 3:22PM

Doesn't her mother already know she has a girlfriend? The last time she showed up, her complaint was that Talia's the bottom in the relationship.

nintenplayer Aug 26, 2023 4:20PM

^^^ God damnit that made me laugh lol

last edited at Aug 29, 2023 7:44PM

georgeoswalddannyson Aug 27, 2023 9:00PM

^^ this is probably before she found out

Junior1210 Aug 28, 2023 3:05AM

E-Hentai has all 62 images GRS has put out in one collection if anyone cares. Also direct links to Twitter and Reddit pages as well.

Lightsteam Aug 28, 2023 7:13PM

Well she is telling the truth.

[deleted] Aug 28, 2023 7:22PM

Thank you, Junior1210

dogpoo12 Sep 11, 2023 3:40PM

Dude for a moment I really thought that that pink hair was fucking her mom