Alex0 Aug 18, 2023 11:01PM

Ah the new canon one

FilthyFlow Aug 18, 2023 11:10PM

I'll just copy over some lines the actual dialogue so those unfamiliar can see how down bad Hisami is for Zanmu.

pant... Mad... I want her to get angry at me! Zanmu-sama!

Hisami: Haa... haa...
Zanmu: ...what's the matter? You can leave now.
Hisami: Um, won't you scold me?

Forgive me, Zanmu-sama. But from now on, I'll be following Suika-sama's advice
and get you to scold me.

Miss Suika......How can I get Lady Zanmu to look at me?

Are you not feeling well? Please trample over me, as before.

Also, since this is canonically one-sided on Hisami's part, and Zanmu is basically also Reimu's #1 Fangirl, also get ready for a whole bunch of art of Reimu/Zanmu with Hisami being NTR'd.

Really this game is probably gonna be huge for shipping. In addition to Hisami/Zanmu and Reimu/Zanmu as previously mentioned, we're probably also going to get Chiyari/Yuuma, Saki/Enoko, Yachie/Biten and even Ran/Yuuma (which would've been the most insane crack pairing before this game came out but I feel will probably actually become pretty popular).

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Jinxeddd Aug 19, 2023 1:13AM

Crazy that there's now an actual confirmed lesbian in Touhou. I always think of shipping being only in the fandom part, but I guess there's now a canon one.

nintenplayer Aug 19, 2023 4:45AM

^ It was always pretty obvious but yeah this is like the most explicit one yet!

Moedred Aug 19, 2023 7:45AM

That's really out-of-character for Zun. Didn't he said he have nothing against shipping, but he don't do it himself since they all like his own daughters? Or just having a lesbian one, without stating offical couples don't count.

Eagletanker Aug 19, 2023 5:28PM

I don't think zun even cares. The post I think you're referring to was a joke interview published way back on animemaru when it was still around. Add to that the various subtexts (WHH Capter 45 springs to mind first) and that he's drawn ships before on a livestream, I think Zun just doesn't like writing romance or doesn't feel like he's able to write romance. And as the series goes on, I think that he's also not going to do much more than subtext, as he might feel that it diminishes the creative freedoms that come with fanwork creations for the series.

Tldr: It's more or less the same as what we've gotten before, just more explicit this time as both fan culture and culture at large continues to shift from what it was back when the series first started.

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