GrimEater Jul 28, 2023 10:44PM

Serious gf

Yuri Yuriyuri Jul 29, 2023 1:07AM

"She's holding a gun to my head. Time for kisses."

MiscMan Jul 29, 2023 3:47PM

Re: Cutie Honey needs more love

Junior1210 Jul 30, 2023 1:13PM

Reminds me of watching Cutie Honey back in the 80's on bootleg VHS tapes (sold at the local flea market) and started learning what Yuri was. There was an episode where a female gangster was up in her face (nose to nose) so C.H. just rubbed her breasts against the gangster's breasts (they were both still clothed) and made some joke. Cutie Honey was one of the few anime I remember (along with The Dirty Pair and Gunsmith Cats) that ever had overt unambiguous Yuri actions, without any drama, totally natural and within character.

Evitron Jul 31, 2023 8:26AM

an unexpected cutie honey treat but certainly not an unwelcome one