YuriQueen01 Jul 15, 2023 12:25AM

I never knew there was a female protagonists in a Persona game, I never played the games because I prefer when games gave you the option to choose female or male, like Fire Emblem.

ManuTheBloodedge Jul 15, 2023 6:57AM

^it was only for the psp remake of Persona 3, called Persona 3 Portable, or P3P for short. In that version of the game, you can choose whether to play as a female or male.
The new remake of P3 they are developing right now will only have the male protag, but P3P has been rereleased on steam not long ago.

nintenplayer Jul 15, 2023 7:40AM

YES I love this

Classy-Nessi Jul 15, 2023 10:31AM

This is so bloody wholesome... This shouldve been saoris ending...

BakemonoJoker Jul 15, 2023 8:14PM

^ Saori ending was just weird , phones exist , you can keep in touch and travel with trains , it is Japan , after all

ComfyCafe Jul 16, 2023 5:12AM

Persona 2 Eternal Punishment had a female protag too, it wasn't just P3P!

ChikyuuNeko Jul 16, 2023 11:44AM

Persona's biggest flaw is its terminal heterosexuality, wish it was possible to do something like this in P5

herenowforever Jul 16, 2023 9:47PM

"Persona's biggest flaw is its terminal heterosexuality, wish it was possible to do something like this in P5"

It's sort of worse. Both Ann's and Yusuke's personal stories contain queer coding in some ways, but it's either a joke (Yusuke) or nothing is done with it after her backstory scenes are over (Ann). Oh, and that stupid "predator okama" scene, that was apparently edited later. That thing would have been at home in some gross 1970's slap-stick comedy.

Persona franchise has gotten kind of worse about these things over the years, not better. P2 was legit for its time, P3 Portable was bland, P4 just had some gay panic and Kanji (who is bit of an oddball character) and P5 is what it is.

Japan also suffers from producers and editors being way too calculating immediately when they think a product might be commercially successful, which kills their stories in some ways.

Heard many people say 2023 is a "year of yuri", but the delivery is often deliberately bad. So much self-censorship. Magical Revolution is more like it should be, characters being open about what and who they like and having physical intimacy like two people who like each other would have, but vast majority of productions set their sights way lower and just reducing quality of their product for romance parts of their story, sometimes radically to a point where you just go "wtf?" and consequently lose suspension of disbelief.

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IsThisGood Oct 4, 2023 12:22PM

Now. In her defense. If you max out Mitsuru's SL and talk to her. She'll puff up your tie for you.
IDK why but between experiencing her SL and experiencing this I swear by the yuri goddesses that Mitsuru is definitely gay for FEMC.

last edited at Oct 4, 2023 12:22PM