Aquwin Feb 27, 2023 10:05PM

The relationship that went from hand me the potato women to what your doing is useless in a fight to two girls holding hands in the dark talking about how good it feels

Megumiaki Feb 27, 2023 11:23PM

...I need to hurry up and get to that A support.

ArcaJ Feb 28, 2023 7:31PM

I am so glad there are so many new ships to enjoy.

Valanz Mar 3, 2023 5:53PM

Is the latest fire emblem good?

Ultraxion Mar 9, 2023 12:00AM

The gameplay is good, especially the Engage system.

Unfortunately, the story is woefully cliched and underwhelming, and the characters aren't anything to write home about. I personally doubt that this will have as much of a shipping fandom as Awakening, Fates or Three Houses.