GrimEater Jan 2, 2023 10:35PM

Apparently the author was very shocked to see how popular the anime is.

benja Jan 2, 2023 11:32PM

i mean yeah there was almost 0 hype surrounding it and also aired in one of the most stacked season i´ ve ever seen, with a lot of giants of the industry like my hero academia, chainsawman, mob psycho and bleach. The fact that a slice of life managed to get this much attention on this season is nothing but insanity

luinthoron Jan 3, 2023 4:55AM


PineconeJuice Jan 3, 2023 9:18AM

It probably connected with a lot of people

Nicoxmaki01 Jan 3, 2023 11:27AM

The music of it all probably boosted in its popularity, not to mention they were smart to take advantage of its positive reception and capitalize on promoting it as much as they could. From what I heard, the promos in Japan were pretty big and tons of their lyric videos have over millions of views. It’s going to be an absolute miss if they don’t make a season 2 or movie to follow up.

livingice Jan 3, 2023 9:06PM

Party Bocchi is ready to Rock!

Komi028 Jan 3, 2023 11:44PM

^^ To be fair the whole camera thing is censoring because the source material has fanservice with her breasts since the chapter she takes the cold bath.