NARESH4444 Jan 2, 2023 8:55PM

Wabbit season.

luinthoron Jan 3, 2023 4:50AM

Cute. :D

Temp Jan 3, 2023 5:03AM

I find this image relentlessly hilarious because like, yeah, Year of the Water Rabbit and all that, but the WataTabe trio are also the three not-quite-people on the planet least capable of Being Normal about bunnies, I think. To wit:

1) Shiori would encounter a rabbit and embark upon a very long rant about how rabbits actually taste horrible and live in constant shitty sin and can only be enjoyed by some barbarian bitch monster like a fox, but then also foster a soulful attachment to the bunny based on an increasingly less ironic enjoyment of its fluffiness and vulnerability. When the rabbit in question, who at this point she shall have named, murdered approximately eighteen people to defend because they looked at it funny, and built an underwater castle for, inevitably perishes in a subjective nanosecond of her immortal life, she'll mourn it with enough force to cause a major tsunami, sink numerous ships in her frustration and singlehandedly cause a boom in the maritime-mystery-documentary industry, and react with a mixture of melancholy and bitterness every time she recalls the fluffy little hopper long after rabbits (and probably humanity) have gone extinct.

2) Hinako would see a rabbit and proceed to sink into The Pit somewhat deeper than the Mariana Trench nestled in her head, musing upon the loss of innocence, the cycle of life, and the phantasms of affection and authenticity that haunt the quotidian performance of normalcy we are expected to render in societies presuming scripted and instantaneous effusiveness in response to certain cues. While she's sinking into the sepulcher of her sentience, Hinako shall be so quiet and still as to radiate no signs of life, compelling the bunnies to treat her as entirely nonthreatening. They shall burrow into her blouses and skirts and establish there a thriving colony that lasts many generations, which Hinako shall not disturb for fear of interrupting their lives as her own was interrupted on that miserable day so long ago, choosing instead to brood on motionlessly. Passers-by shall be greeted by the spectacle, equal parts heartwarming and unsettling, of a woman covered in a squirming and writhing mass of rabbits, downy curtains of fur and paw occasionally parting to reveal the hint of an eye radiating forth a stare so blank, so hollow in its reception of a light that does not touch the heart, as to turn anyone who meets it off bunnies forever.

3) Miko has inhaled bunnies. She's cleared out entire colonies for fun little diversions on her way to hunt for a meal that's actually substantial. She has conducted seminars on the effective slaughter of the family Leporidae. Every fox that ever chokes a furry little scrapper to death today says grace to Miko before digging into its hard-won repast. Rabbits harbor an instinctive terror of Miko, the fear they feel upon the apprehension of some proximal predator elevated in her presence to the proportions of the closest thing to a religious, nay, an existential threat their adorable little heads may conceive of. Miko today smiles at the rabbits she encounters, paralyzing them in petrification that rubbishes all semblance of a fight-or-flight instinct, and gently cradles them with hands that know exactly where to press to arrest their panicked little breaths and the dim scintillations that power their frantic brains. She nestles them close to her breast, belly thrumming fondly from memories of many a scrumptious snack, and snaps with the same precision once used for rabbit necks a selfie for her Insta, captioning it, Bunny Love ˘ ³˘. Then she lets the creature, trembling as a grimy peasant who has glimpsed by accident the action of the creator-destroyer upon some earthy corner of the world, return to its humble pen, recalling for all its meagre days the moment it felt the breath of oblivion.

sunspawn Jan 3, 2023 6:01AM

It ain't that deep bro.

CaptainUseless Jan 4, 2023 11:24PM

Its great to be passionate

Yuri247 Jan 5, 2023 1:48AM

Please tell me this isn’t English class …

welease.wodger Jan 24, 2023 9:46AM

DMT class is in session

CongMinh Apr 9, 2023 6:53PM

I read the whole thing you has singlehandedly handled the entire enthusiasm of this picture alone.
Thank you and have a nice day