FluffyCow Sep 5, 2022 8:38PM

Well my thoughts on this ship aside, I'm always happy to see Joshua's Arknights Yuri art.

V-Oblivion Sep 5, 2022 9:00PM

Me too, not a fan of this ship... but I totally believe this is the only way Saria would notice someone has feelings for her.

NARESH4444 Sep 5, 2022 9:45PM

I think someone got ahead of me and already shared this on Discord.

Ain't stopping me,though!

smilingcatdoingthumbsup Sep 6, 2022 12:13AM

Love the art style

zokoi Sep 6, 2022 10:30AM

I was wondering why Saria look so young, but looking at their clothes I think they're supposed to be in their college or something like that.

Now I'm thinking about what would have happened if this was canon and these two were actually exes but broke up because of the Ifrit "accident".

Missigno Sep 7, 2022 12:18PM

^Well seems like their relationship started to sour already before Ifrit (and wifey Silence) came along going by boths attitude and it only got worse during and especially after the Ifrit incident