Mr. Jones Jul 23, 2022 12:08AM

For a second I thought this was an Anemone is in Heat volume cover.

yuri n wine Jul 23, 2022 4:56AM

dis be licorice in heat

Takasaki Reika Jul 23, 2022 5:56AM

Lycoris in heat,perfect lol

TctyaDDK Jul 23, 2022 7:55AM

^^ & ^: I bet there would also be Lots of hugging :))

BV Jul 23, 2022 8:47AM

the couple of the season. you can't convince me otherwise.

Rekan1 Jul 23, 2022 12:29PM

^^ Hugging by ass grab

^Truly, unless they don't make them a pair by killing one of them off.. Truly an ominous dread I just can't shake off as I wait for the apparently plot breaking episode 6.

Takasaki Reika Jul 23, 2022 2:41PM

just watched episode 4,i really love these two XD

FluffyCow Jul 23, 2022 11:44PM

^^I think it's in part due to all of the Red-Spider-Lily imagery, which is commonly associated with death in at least anime. I definitely agree with there being an ominous feeling of dread, and I hope it's just there to keep people on their toes. I love these two and personally I don't want this to end in tragedy.

Matchariyu Jul 24, 2022 1:01AM

^the spider lily is also called the Lycoris radiata
which you may note. is also the name of the like super computer thing that DA uses, Radiata.
like with the spider lily images, the series being called Lycoris Recoil, the girls being called Lycoris, and the AI being Radiata, this entire series is just. LITTERED with the spider lilies.
and the lycoris' also just yknow. act as assasins. which sorta also just acts on the death themes

FluffyCow Jul 24, 2022 4:23AM

^Very interesting, and makes sense yeah. It'll definitely be interesting to see where all the death themes lead.

LackLustre09721 Jul 24, 2022 6:12AM

Niceee lycoris recoil

Rekan1 Jul 24, 2022 8:05AM

^^I really fucking hope these death themes don't lead to tragedy.. But it's death.. How can it not be..

DY4Y Jul 24, 2022 8:25AM

What if it's the cute, funny kind of death?

Junyuri Oct 22, 2023 5:03PM

@DY4Y I'm not sure whether by "cute, funny kind of death" you mean death, but made cute (think yami kawaii/menhera/jirai kei stuff) or what the French call "Le Petit Mort" and I am too afraid to ask.