Perlen297 Jun 20, 2022 9:51PM

Season 2 isn't even out yet and I already love them so much!!

zokoi Jun 21, 2022 3:46AM

They've only been introduced, but Shiki is already so fcking gay for Mei it's wonderful.

Shiki literally called Mei the light of her life or something like that. Seriously if this two do not get super close together in ss2 I'mma rage.

parfait lover Jun 22, 2022 12:06AM

^ in addition, Shiki's seiyuu, Ookuma Wakana, doesn't miss her chance to tease fans with Shikimei and constantly messing with her colleague who's voicing Mei lmao (saying things like "mei is cute cute cute" or outrightly confessing to her).

Of course, it must be just seiyuu joking around, but I would be really upset if these two won't have any emoi moments together.

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lenne18 Jun 22, 2022 4:01AM

I could see them interacting more because Kumachan (Shiki) is such a troll like Nagi (Ren)