BreadBunny May 27, 2022 9:32PM

non-science babies seem like the wrong tag here considering that ELF Durandal is neither Durandal's kid nor a human being. She's a sword that can turn into a tiny humanoid

It is a very cute piece of art though. Fitting for Durandal and Rita

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Missigno May 28, 2022 3:33AM

^non-science babies means that the kid is adopted and since this is a spyxfamily parody, mama Dudu and mom Rita have adopted sword-child

Diana Cavendish May 28, 2022 5:23AM

I wish there was a yuri manga/anime that has the same kind of plot as spy x family.. maybe there is and i just dont know about it yet>-<

BreadBunny May 28, 2022 10:04AM

@missingno non-science babies also directly states that if magic or technology was used it should be science babies instead and ELF Durandal is certainly the result of hypertechnology

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Altair Jun 2, 2022 11:48PM

My bad, tag description updated for clarity. Non-science babies should probably always be understood in contrast to the science babies tag rather than independently. The main thing for science babies is that the kids share traits of their mothers/are somehow born of both mothers. Ruling on the field stays

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nio_neka Jun 5, 2022 10:19PM

I just realized this is a parody of spy x family

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