Zexalfan Apr 4, 2022 9:10PM

I am so happy seeing these two <3
Lovely art <3

shadesan Apr 4, 2022 9:37PM

Isn't that Haru? I mean she's way to tall for Yuu

lenne18 Apr 4, 2022 9:41PM

@shadesan The tweet says it's for a Yuu x Sayaka doujin

shadesan Apr 4, 2022 9:42PM


Zormau Apr 4, 2022 9:59PM

Ok, Yuu and Sayaka may be a forbidden fruit and all, but okay.
What really bothers me is that Yuu is wearing heels. She'd never do that!

luinthoron Apr 5, 2022 6:04AM

^ Ah, true. :D

Diana Cavendish Apr 5, 2022 7:55AM

just yesterday i was going through the sayaka x haru tag lol and now i see this. as much as i ship touko and yuu i dont think that yuu and sayaka wouldnt be impossible

Kojiro481 Apr 5, 2022 8:40AM

Still, I could swear this is Haru . Curse Sayaka and her weird attraction to a girl that looks just like her former rival :P

Zexalfan Apr 5, 2022 1:26PM

The first time I Saw this image I got super excited to see Yuu x Saaya art and I was like :D!!!

Then the rational part of me was like "no, wait, it's probable Haru :c"

But checking the link in the tweet to the page that sells the Doujin, in the info does says it's Yu!

So under that hat, there's a cowlick ^^

last edited at Apr 5, 2022 2:54PM

Golden Mertens Apr 6, 2022 9:48AM

I like how Yuu is wearing heels on the sand