Ayahime0 Feb 28, 2022 9:33PM

Is that...Byleth's bra?

TheEternalShade Feb 28, 2022 9:45PM

That's my guess. Looks like she's comparing cups and getting frustrated at being short-changed.

troubleAln Feb 28, 2022 10:28PM

girl don't be sad or obsess for lack of things, those puppies & cake are yours to play any time! being on top is not required though.

Clueless1 Feb 28, 2022 10:37PM

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the best among the all?”
“Maiden, fair maiden spake with thine,
give a chance for me to finish in the bathroom in a matter of time!”

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s got the prettier chest among them all?”
“Lady, fair lady of low-self esteem, fret not because I gaze not upon thy bosom!”

“Mirror, mirror on the wall…”
“Fair player of wenches I have seen, I’d like to make a new request within reason.
Perhaps you can entertain us all with a raunchy threesome?”

IresaFan Mar 1, 2022 6:22AM

Edie: "The crests are to blame"

ghostlab Mar 1, 2022 11:02AM

Considering the fact that Byleth have 2nd biggest bust size of all character in Three house, Edelgard would never stand a chance.

SushiKnight Mar 1, 2022 4:35PM

^^Definitely what she's thinking. Even though she also has the crest of flames.

Missigno Mar 2, 2022 12:40AM

Edelgard don't you know that for bigger boobs, your chest has to get massaged? Go ask Byleth to do that

LilyScentedBubbleBath Mar 2, 2022 7:43AM

Edie: "Why she got so much tiddy?"