Norainhere Feb 18, 2022 10:00PM

Just for clarification, the Official tag isn't for Touhou itself, but the fangame Touhou Lost Word - this picture was drawn for and shows up in the game

Nightfeather Feb 19, 2022 12:59AM

Welp time to farm when the event comes to global

elevown Feb 19, 2022 8:04AM

Lol at Sakyua's expression! It's kinda like.. she isn't impressed but cant help enjoy it too?

Maguri Feb 21, 2022 7:04AM

Lost Word already introduced itself as a bit gay by claiming you were to play as a girl character and that wasn't interchangeable, then having you be flustered around Sakuya. I feel like the more the game is developed, the gayer it becomes.

aphrodyte Jul 24, 2022 6:37PM

Meiling saving the day and her waifu at the same time. ❤️

Ominous Owl Jan 31, 2023 10:09AM

Yo i flipped when i realized Risui had artwork featured in lostword