Aquwin Oct 11, 2021 10:26PM

I need to know why this is a thing I don't remember ever seeing these two together except the new years and garlic phone thing

Ayahime0 Oct 11, 2021 11:30PM

That is a really stretchy shirt.

beccamyoui Oct 11, 2021 11:35PM

that is a really huge shirt

Random Wanderer Oct 12, 2021 12:43AM

^^^They've had a few interactions. Marine has said that Haachama was one of her favorite hololive members. Also, they're two of the more openly erotic members, so this doesn't seem out of character.

Norainhere Oct 12, 2021 12:52AM

Also, as mentioned before, they are/were hosting an NSFW fanart contest that ended up getting delayed due to Marine's break, which probably helped encourage artists for this ship.

frogggyrena Oct 12, 2021 1:07AM

^^^^^Don't question it, just enjoy~

Aquwin Oct 12, 2021 3:09AM

I do that's why I asked to get more back storie to enjoy it more