Hot_Soup43 Sep 17, 2021 10:19PM

I will never not love this ship

Kojiro481 Sep 17, 2021 10:33PM

^ Too bad the author pretty much forgot about them as time went on :-[

DY4Y Sep 17, 2021 10:39PM

^Volume 11, especially the beginning, was pretty good on the Hifumi front (you could even interpret it to be softcore confirming that Hifumi has a crush on Aoba)

Hazuki says "If you want to be someone special to Suzukaze-kun maybe you should strive for that" and Hifumi responded "that almost sounds like romantic advice" after which Hazuki said "yuri is unfolding before my eyes"

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Yuri4Dayz Sep 17, 2021 10:43PM

I miss these two soooooo much

elevown Sep 17, 2021 11:56PM

^Same- I woulda loved to see them pair up, but it just wasnt the focus of new game.

luinthoron Sep 18, 2021 6:38AM

Yes, this is what I needed.

Kojiro481 Sep 18, 2021 8:48AM

@DY4Y I did like that part ( plus, you know, all the bikinies :P ) , it's just that those moments became very few and far between at some point . We don't get to see Hifumi much at all anymore and even Aoba got sorta phased out for long stretches.

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DY4Y Sep 18, 2021 8:55AM

Yeah, but at least it's something. Here's to hoping that the final two volumes have some more

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LionTrainer1 Sep 18, 2021 9:40AM

One of my fav ships in New Game

thechampionmike95 Sep 18, 2021 12:24PM

@Kojiro481 Momo started to take more of Aoba's attention for awhile. It became more of an OT3 as time went on