Ryqoshay Aug 10, 2021 4:24PM

It amuses me that Setsu is often portrayed as seeking either decidedly mundane gifts or completely outlandish ones, with not much in between; e.g. here she simply wishes to eat something Ayu could easily make for her on any other day, and probably will, elsewhere she wants the first years to read an entire light novel series so she can talk about it with them as their gift to her.

SSincere Aug 11, 2021 5:43AM

It's all about love, though, in the way Setsuna knows how to express or accept it. Ayumu likes to cook for people, so her cooking (and apparently specifically her rolled eggs) Setsuna sees as an expression of love. In the other example, she really wants to discuss the books with the others — that's the gift she gets — but I'd wager she also thinks the girls will like the series too, and that's her expression of love to them (and for the books, tbh).

Edit: It strikes me as important, in this context, that the Tapestry comic specifically calls out those rolled eggs as something Ayumu learned to make for her childhood friend, starting in elementary school.

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