Salinthrous May 28, 2021 8:37PM

It IS Gensokyo, what says little fibs like this from Outside can't become true there?

elevown May 28, 2021 10:30PM

LOL :) and ^ While thats a good point, I'd also suspect Patchy had a hand in it!
I love the art - great linework- Im not a fan of the eye shading though- they look way too flat.

p.s Which one got pregnant?

last edited at May 30, 2021 8:05AM

ckretaznmayden May 29, 2021 2:34AM

I had a good chuckle.

Missigno May 29, 2021 2:58AM

Imagine the amount of kids that will invade Gensokyo

myrrhmidon May 29, 2021 3:30AM

The power of yuri

Alphabus May 29, 2021 10:10AM

Need a sequel now

Random Wanderer May 29, 2021 6:55PM

@Salinthrous: So does that mean having someone rub your breasts in Gensokyo will actually make them bigger, too? There are a lot of little myths that could be "fun" to make real.

last edited at May 29, 2021 6:55PM

elevown May 30, 2021 8:03AM

^Only if that myth had been forgotten in the outside world I guess- but I dont see why not lol.

Cloy552 Jun 1, 2021 9:46AM

^it might have an effect on Youkai just cause their existence is based on belief so believing you can affect their form in some way that's not counter to their associated legends might work out

YayaSamuko Jun 3, 2021 1:43AM

Gensokyo will get overpopulated soon