Kuma The Bear Apr 30, 2021 9:39PM

Meanwhile in the other room people trying to sleep

Tamahime Apr 30, 2021 11:06PM

Why does it seem like the last picture uploaded for every image post group is always this pair? Is that deliberate? ><

FluffyCow Apr 30, 2021 11:28PM

^I mean is it a bad thing? haha

kingsman952 Apr 30, 2021 11:50PM

So calli top? I though i remember calli say she's bottom (bottom left among us XD) and ame approve it ,

juanelric May 1, 2021 12:18AM

Weird. I thought this was already here.

ClaudeSP89 May 1, 2021 1:05AM

spectacular lovey-dovey

Random_Bird May 1, 2021 1:49AM

@kingsman952 Surprisingly, IRL Calli is usually the more assertive one in the relationship, at one point attempting to spend several thousand dollars to give the two of them a nice vacation together.
Also, Kiara has said in her streams that because she, herself, is too much of a bottom, Calli would have to take the lead

Dark_Tzitzimine May 1, 2021 4:33AM

Having them wearing the bracelets is such a lovely detail.

Missigno May 1, 2021 9:48AM

The stream was fun

Dark_Tzitzimine May 1, 2021 1:28PM

Breaking news people, Calli made an official Tag to post unseiso fanart of her: #callilewd

The floodgates are open.

last edited at May 1, 2021 5:41PM

FluffyCow May 1, 2021 2:17PM

^Oh? When was this? From what I know she always had a tag for lewd, but it was confusing everyone. Since her normal art tag is "callillust", like Calli Illustration, and then the lewd one was "callilust", like Call Lust. One L off, so people kept making tagging errors, if she renamed the lewd tag then that's honestly a very good thing.

last edited at May 1, 2021 2:20PM

Dark_Tzitzimine May 1, 2021 3:18PM

It happened during her "Comfy ASMR Drawing" Stream earlier today

FluffyCow May 1, 2021 4:07PM

^I'll have to check it out, thanks!

YHVH May 2, 2021 3:50AM

I would love to see a picture of Gura setting herself on fire while Calli and Kiara just "woohoo" on the couch next to her

last edited at May 2, 2021 3:50AM

Hey May 2, 2021 7:43AM

"Meanwhile in the other room people trying to sleep"

Well, avi checks out.

DR2 Hajime Hinata May 2, 2021 6:31PM

I'm hoping someone will draw the ame x gura fanart kiara requested, or if someone has already, then hoping it gets uploaded here

TheYuriTomboy May 3, 2021 12:27AM

Calli is definitely the top, aside from her more dominant demeanor in general, Kiara is as bottom as bottom gets, and has said so herself. I don’t think she has a bone in her body capable of being genuinely aggressive, as opposed to her usual bratty goading.