Serenata Jan 25, 2021 11:39PM

When you don't use the MC and Amber, this is what they're doing

ObtainCheese Jan 26, 2021 1:24AM

When you don't use the MC and Amber, this is what they're doing

My headcanon

last edited at Jan 26, 2021 1:24AM

Woffle Jan 26, 2021 2:14AM

They're recharging appropriately :)

[deleted] Jan 26, 2021 2:45AM

Genshin impact it is good game. I never played can someone tell me?

BlueFlareTOG Jan 26, 2021 2:59AM

^ Yes.

VYKNIGHT Jan 26, 2021 3:30AM

Genshin Impact is the most free to play friendly game of all the gacha games I've played, you need to grind a bit but it's always lots of fun

Rye Jan 26, 2021 8:53AM

Its fun but the late game grind is very painful...
Just like most gacha games.

wsedoiugly Jan 26, 2021 5:49PM

If you wanna play I recommend never leveling any character except your main party, because when you wanna do the late game you will need a lot of resources and if not, weeks of grinding.

Shira Jan 26, 2021 6:03PM

The exploration part is beautiful. The gacha system and artificial resource (mora, exp, artifacts, resin) gating is abhorrent.

Flanny Jan 26, 2021 7:25PM

Genshin is quite fun and entertaining, at least for me. You can explore for hours and don't get bored until you finish the two regions. Right now it's a bit boring until a new event drops, but that's only until the next country is unlocked-
BTW, just a tip for Honkai Impact players that didn't play Genshin until now, don't expect to find the same amount of yuri here (actually, it's almost non-existent unless you chose the Female MC)-

HellAQA Jan 26, 2021 11:02PM

hey look, it's my otp

Nep Nep Jan 27, 2021 9:15PM

@Flanny, exactly why I took Lumine~ and seriously, just with our pseudo date with Lisa was soioo worth it (although I ship Lisa and Jean lol)

Linterdiction Jan 27, 2021 10:21PM

Alternate opinion, the story is hella boring, not really interested in the characters, and it’s almost as fun gameplay-wise as a good JRPG, but with gacha-game progression. It is free to play, though, and it has an open world which can be pretty. Kinda sterile though, the only interactions are with collectable materials—definitely no Breath of the Wild.

IMO the best thing we’re getting out of it is all the yuri, which surprises me because the characters seem very straight in general, but I certainly won’t complain.

I respect other people’s opinions, though, I don’t think they’re wrong, but this is mine.

[deleted] Jan 28, 2021 12:34AM

Thanks all for answering me, i think i'll play the genshin impact now

Hylarn Jan 28, 2021 12:35AM

Yeah, my opinion is that the the writing is very bland but the gameplay decent. For a while. It turns into a constant grind before too long

aranicar Feb 1, 2021 4:33AM

There is very little yuri in Genshin, even as Lumine. Story is mediocre at best and feels more like an otome game with all the guys saving you lol. I play with a friend and am mostly into the gameplay and exploration, but be warned, most challenges end up being dps checks which require lots of grinding to get your characters to the needed strength levels. Not to mention a lot of luck in the gacha to get your 5* waifus.