Royz Jan 4, 2021 10:52PM

Humu humu......cute

SushiKnight Jan 4, 2021 11:22PM

I love this art, such a cute style.

Ina's tentacles helping her ring the bell is too dang adorable. She puts all other anime tentacle monsters to shame with her undeniable cuteness.

Amersion_ Jan 4, 2021 11:43PM

I always forget how Ame is pretty short herself

Flanny Jan 5, 2021 1:37AM

You can hear Kiara wishing for lewd things with Calli this year too-

Random Wanderer Jan 5, 2021 5:44AM

There are too many Hololive girls. Most of the ones posted here I still don't recognize.

Hylarn Jan 5, 2021 6:10AM

There are too many Hololive girls. Most of the ones posted here I still don't recognize.

43 active members. A lot by the standards of an actual story, but not too bad compared to say, Touhou or Kantai Collection

Though looking over the pairing tags, we've had nearly everyone show up on the site, which is unusual

Random Wanderer Jan 5, 2021 7:46AM

^ I'll admit, I only recently started with Korone and have been slowly working my way out from there.

beccamyoui Jan 5, 2021 10:25AM

ame's and gura's heights aklshdag too adorbs

saizon Jan 5, 2021 6:13PM

Ina's actually pretty short, too, if you take away her shoes. She's 157cm/about 5'2'' with her shoes on, which means she's probably actually around Ame's height.

Altair Jan 6, 2021 9:04AM

43 members, but how many voice actresses?

SyxThree Jan 6, 2021 11:13AM

^ Within Hololive each member only has one actress, and vice versa.

I wonder what Gura is praying for with that smug expression lol

Freya Jan 7, 2021 12:08AM

Taller or boin boins

Rye Jan 7, 2021 7:03AM

^^ the joke was that Kanata/Yagoo voices everyone else...

last edited at Jan 7, 2021 7:04AM

Random Wanderer Jan 8, 2021 1:10AM

^^Don't be silly: Gura is hydrodynamic, like a proper shark should be. :P

SushiKnight Jan 8, 2021 2:05AM

^^Yagoo voices everyone, therefore everyone is best girl.

Prince_Anime Jan 8, 2021 2:28PM


randomsimp Jan 8, 2021 3:50PM

^^Yagoo is truly a hard worker for doing all of the 3D streams and the festivals himself. Sasuga Yagoo