Gewell Sep 15, 2020 1:47AM

Unquie couple

Wanderer Sep 15, 2020 2:12AM

Goddamn, virtual youtuber ships now huh... I'd love to see the reactions of the youtubers themselves to these kinds of fanart. Though I don't really watch any of their stuff to begin with

TheYuriTomboy Sep 15, 2020 2:37AM

^ most of them are more than fine with it, and will retweet or use the fanarts as thumbnails for collab streams. The only one I’ve seen who was super surprised and embarrassed about seeing a pic was Kaede

Yurichan300 Sep 15, 2020 5:58PM

Do you know what video it was? Also, when did these two become a thing?

Makki Sep 15, 2020 7:34PM

The video of Kaede getting all flustered over fanart is titled "Nijisanji Higuchi Kaede reacts to Citrus fanart of her and Tsukino Mito" (not sure if it's ok to post links here so you can look for that on youtube).
As for these two, Gibara admires Inui a lot and tends to fangirl pretty hard over her in collabs, there's a fair few highlight videos of it if you just look up "gibara inui". (though tbh Inui seems to attract every girl who dares glance her way: furen, her fellow sanbaka, and gibara to mention the main ones)