Woffle Aug 15, 2020 1:04AM

Mito looks so pure here dressed as a shrine maiden and clinging happily Kaede's arm that my brain is struggling to link this interpretation of her with the Mito that I am familiar with. Cute art tho.

last edited at Aug 15, 2020 1:04AM

AnimeSavesMe Aug 15, 2020 2:45AM

Reminds me of "A love letter for the marching puppy" for some reason

yuri n wine Aug 15, 2020 7:13AM

^ same. Looks almost as if the silver hair girl is cosplaying shizuma 2.0 from marching puppy and the other one is cosplaying the shrine maiden from come rain or shine

last edited at Aug 15, 2020 7:16AM

nyanpatsu Aug 16, 2020 4:45AM

I also thought its from "marching puppy" manga lol

YuuKiDB Aug 16, 2020 10:07AM

Who's that cute girl beside Kaede? That can't be our perverted Iinchou... Right?

You cant hear image they say Aug 16, 2020 10:52PM

^ its the kizuna ai generation mito..i mean..only sora who haven't corrupted yet..

Xvnom Oct 7, 2020 5:37AM

Cute :3