Veya Jun 22, 2020 9:57PM

When you push your girl way out of her comfort zone but she still puts up a brave face.

Polycell Jun 22, 2020 10:38PM

It's so weird seeing Rena on the attack.

SomeWeirdoOnTheInternet Jun 22, 2020 10:39PM

More Kaede x Rena, they deserve more love.

Sakura Cartelet Jun 23, 2020 1:03AM

Why the tears? Did putting the earring in hurt?

Veya Jun 23, 2020 3:01AM

It usually hurts a tad when the ear is first pierced, which is what is happening here.

There are some techniques to reduce the pain, like using ice to dull out the area, which also slows blood flow and makes bleeding less likely, but not everyone uses them, or uses them correctly, plus since megucas heal much faster than muggles, it is possible such method wouldn't work at all for them as blood flow would return too quickly, and they must do it dry.

last edited at Jun 23, 2020 4:46PM

mikeap Jun 23, 2020 7:54PM

Rena comforting Kaede is cute.
It says a lot that in a game with so many ships they probably rank within my top 5.

Sakura Cartelet Jun 23, 2020 11:59PM

@Veya Really? I don't have any piercings or tattoos on my body so I wouldn't know. Anyway about magical girl healing didn't it say they had to use magic to heal the amount which depends on the severity of the wound, and healing isn't passive/automatic? Regardless a ear piercing would likely not require a lot of magic to heal- even though cuts on the face can bleed a lot.

@mikeap What's your other popular ships in the game? Mine are this ship, Rika/Ren, Momoko/Mitama, Yachiyo/Mifuyu, Iroha/Sana, Tsukasa/Tsukuyo, Tsuruno/Felicia, Felicia/Kako...

last edited at Jun 24, 2020 12:03AM

Veya Jun 24, 2020 1:05AM

It has to be automatic, since megucas are shown to heal even while knocked out unconscious, we had plenty examples like that just in the last couple chapters of part 1 in MagiReco, it seem more the case that megucas can willingly choose to disable certain aspects of magic enhancement to their bodies, but they are "on" by default.

Also, of course piercing your ears hurt, you are making a hole in your body that isn't supposed to be there, specially if you have low pain tolerance.

mikeap Jul 6, 2020 10:16AM

Iroha/Yachiyo for sure. the ones you listed are also nice. In addition to those there's Masara/Kokoro, Alina/Karin, Hinano/Emiri, Nanaka/Hazuki, Nanaka/Akira, Sasara/Asuka, Shizuku/Ayaka, Mitama/Kanagi, and many more.