REDflame23 Jun 8, 2020 9:26PM

I was going to say that could be a shortened version of her name, but that was the point.

Mimiyaah Jun 8, 2020 9:39PM

We all know she likes to be called like that by her :)

elevown Jun 8, 2020 10:02PM

More of these 2 pls :)

raeminyr Jun 9, 2020 2:20AM

^^^ I second that.

Perlen297 Jun 9, 2020 2:57AM

^^ Ohh, there's definitely more of these two coming up. Just pray that the uploaders decide to post them :D

last edited at Jun 9, 2020 2:57AM

Lightsteam Jun 9, 2020 7:14AM

A blushing darjeeling is cute, too.

elevown Jun 9, 2020 10:46AM

^^Why more? Has something made these 2 popular again? Its kinda strange they are suddenly getting new pics so long after the series.

bitfarb Jun 9, 2020 1:40PM

'Darlin' as a nickname for 'Darjeeling' is terribly cute.

Perlen297 Jun 10, 2020 10:28AM

^^ Not really. I just recently finished watching the series and decided to post/typeset a bunch of Girls und Panzer yuri comics/art.

elevown Jun 10, 2020 2:21PM

^Sounds good to me :) Tho I dont think there are any actual doujins out there of this pairing, I hope we get some more pics of them!

nemoid Jun 12, 2020 2:23PM

^you are on the one website where it is easy to check

elevown Jun 12, 2020 6:43PM

^No- its easy to check THIS websites content. I know there is one doujin of them on here. I can't check if there are others out there in Japanese nobody has translated yet, on here- bar asking. If there are ones i've never heard anyone mention when it was discussed before- then hopefully they will show up one day :)

I've no interest in the raws for such possible doujins.

last edited at Jun 12, 2020 6:43PM

nemoid Jun 13, 2020 12:29PM

^yeesh, lower your expectations. ive checked, theres a couple nsfw ones and thats it. even considering the ones not scanned, theres not much of these two. weird, since theres clearly no shortage of fanart.