katewarner Jun 1, 2020 10:37PM

Now, this is completely believable. Hitagi would try anything with Tsubasa. She's been trying to get into her pants forever, and she subordinates herself.

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Throbelisk Jun 2, 2020 12:18AM

This is exactly what happened after that shower scene.

In my head.

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katewarner Jun 2, 2020 7:11AM

^ Yeah, and it would all be for fun, because they spent THIRTY MINUTES hosing around. Look closely at everything in that scene, and there's no way around "Here is concrete evidence that they're doing lesbian stuff."

Guardian of the Lilies Jun 2, 2020 12:33PM

Alrighty then. Spanking it is ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Mimiyaah Jun 2, 2020 1:59PM