Sakura Cartelet May 9, 2020 1:06AM

How much does focus does this ship get in-game? I have Akira, but not Nanaka in my account (thankfully I have both Masara and Kokoro though) and haven't gotten around to doing Akira's side story.

Veya May 9, 2020 4:58AM

I'd say Akira x Nanaka works but it is very light, and it is one of the more "inferred" ships if you are going to look for it at all... you get more little things like Akira admitting Nanaka controls her life by now, and Akira being very interested in being able to see Nanaka blushing in Umika's side story.

It is also the only pairing Nanaka gets besides Hazuki, and Nanaka x Hazuki is way more forced, relying on you reading a few scenes at face value without taking in account the context around those scenes.

SuperText May 9, 2020 7:32AM

I've seen characters shipped together for much less.

Sakura Cartelet May 9, 2020 4:36PM

Any examples of those ships?

SuperText May 9, 2020 6:40PM

Sakura x Hinata? Nico x Maki (before it was cool)? If we're talking PMMM specifically, there are quite a few Madoka x Kyouko around. Mitama x Iroha is pretty much based on that one joke at the beginning of MagiReco.
But really, every series has at least a ship that exists just because it's cute, or ironic, or simply fun.

BV May 9, 2020 7:08PM

^ I have already thought of a canon yuri ship for one of the stories in History of Aressia, but for as long as it remains unwritten, for y'all's purposes, Zadura x Odlega started being shipped before the story they take part in even came to be. Does that count as being shipped for the least reason? I don't know, you tell me.

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Veya May 10, 2020 7:31AM

If we are talking crack "for fun" ships, while I am usually in the KyoSaya camp of things, I also enjoy messing with the idea of Sayaka x Hitomi as the absolute "(figuratively) f**k Kyosuke" ship, though that has absolutely less to do with the pairing and more with my utter, fulminating hatred for Kyosuke's existence.

Sakura Cartelet May 11, 2020 1:33AM

Speaking of Hitomi, I've heard in the PSP game she supposedly ends up falling for Homura. Here's a screenshot of it

Norainhere May 11, 2020 2:03AM

^ She absolutely did, and it was hilarious (well, I found it hilarious anyways).

Veya May 11, 2020 7:26AM

^^ It is very one-sided, but yes it happens, and it is where the fandom perception of Hitomi being a deeply closeted lesbian comes from... and yes, it is pretty funny, the entire scene did give birth to a meme, after all.

Kyosuke does have a thing about making all his potential love interests turn to girls, doesn't he...

BV May 11, 2020 10:37AM

^ Plot twist: Kyousuke knew that all along, and decided play yuri wingman in his own secret and roundabout way by doing that.

last edited at May 11, 2020 10:38AM

SF May 11, 2020 10:56AM

They look like Bernadetta and Iroha.