Aquwin Mar 2, 2020 10:16PM

Is anata the mc because I knew she was a girl but haven't seen how she looks.

ShirayukiJiin Mar 2, 2020 10:21PM

Another washi washi monster huh

Givemeanaccount Mar 2, 2020 10:25PM

I remember seeing a meme on Reddit that poses an interesting question.
Does shipping Anata-chan count as waifuism or yurism?

GrimEater Mar 2, 2020 10:27PM

When you bring alcohol to the sleepover

S91 Mar 2, 2020 11:15PM

^^ Doesn't that depend how you see Anata as yourself or she is just one of the girls in the game?

AkinomaHNU Mar 2, 2020 11:51PM

Anata-chan must have learned an upgraded version of Nozomi's washiwashi

xxSatsumaChan420xx Mar 3, 2020 2:41AM


UrsaTempest Mar 3, 2020 8:30AM

Anata is in-game MC of SIFAS, yes.

Or rather, she is in-game MC of SIFAS on future Nijigasaki anime. I'm pretty sure she has yet to 'appear' as MC in-game, but don't quote me on that.

SushiKnight Mar 3, 2020 1:22PM

Wait, the MC doesn't have orange hair? What's the meaning of this!?

Jelbel Mar 3, 2020 2:09PM

^ Well, the MC this isn't an Idol. From what I understand she's kind of a manager/producer for the other girls. Although, I might be wrong.

lenne18 Mar 3, 2020 3:35PM

You're correct @Jelbel

Anata is the club president, lyricist, composer and #1 supporter of the Niji idols.

Lightsteam Mar 3, 2020 9:07PM

That's the first Harem pic we get for this installment of the franchise. Let it be the first of many.
(If she act as a manager for the group, their might be more potential for fans to do it).

last edited at Mar 3, 2020 9:08PM

Sakura Cartelet Mar 3, 2020 10:28PM

So I guess this means the MC has the Harem Founder Rank A skill at least?

SSincere Mar 4, 2020 4:43AM

I've been playing SIFAS for a few days now, and let me tell you, the Nijigasaki idols are not the only ones vaguely hitting on me/MC/Anata-chan. (We/they got hugged by a panting, sweating Mari, for one thing.) But then, ongoing subtextiness that's not related to the PC, er, goes on; I just got a screenshot of Chika (jokingly?) proposing to You over her cooking.

AkinomaHNU Mar 4, 2020 5:00AM

^ Which card/ chapter is that from???

lenne18 Mar 4, 2020 6:56AM

@AkinomaHNU The first event, "A Secret Party!"

@SSincere Mari also hugged Kanan after, so it evens out.

last edited at Mar 4, 2020 6:58AM

AkinomaHNU Mar 4, 2020 7:26AM

I need to catch up with the event story then! o(≧∇≦)o

SushiKnight Mar 4, 2020 9:39PM

Ok, so what I understand from this is that a main character, once given her dream/goal of being a school idol or whatever, automatically gets orange hair. Kind of like a super saiyan.

Or at least that's my head-canon now.

SSincere Mar 13, 2020 1:19AM

Oh, and to update, in the event chapter immediately following the above, Honoka demands that Kotori marry her.

(In Anata/Everybody news, Kanata keeps demanding she/I sleep with her. Probably literally, except for the time that she offered herself as a body pillow.)

Belatedly, I guess the point of the image is actually the player/Anata's ability to "touch" your partnered idol to elicit comments (like "stop, that tickles" and "hey, that's kind of rude to touch me there") and "increase your bond". There's apparently been a lot of bond increasing going on.

last edited at Mar 13, 2020 1:22AM

Marion Diabolito Apr 23, 2020 12:13PM

Japanese doesn't use a lot of "pet names" or endearments. The main one they do use is her name: "Anata." A lot of times translators change that to "darling," etc. Not a lot of Japanese girls have a name like that, in a family you would always add "-chan" because otherwise it's like saying, "'Hey, you!" But iin addition to it meaning you it also sets the PC up to be called darling. just saying.

last edited at Apr 23, 2020 12:15PM

Novanity Jun 4, 2020 8:01AM

I’m 99.99% sure this isn’t just any old washi washi. This is nothing less than the MC’s Yuri Hand tickle technique. Now I know what you’re thinking, “This is too lewd to be tickling.”
The hint is kasumi’s reaction. She’s pouting, and is also the least blushy of all the girls here. She’s also the only one that’s not ticklish (her in game tickle dialogue she fake laughs and then confirms her tickle immunity). Coincidence? Doubtful

YayaSamuko Jun 25, 2020 3:08PM

The boss

king Leylard the second Jun 28, 2020 3:03PM

Yeah.......Good job Anata-chan, you get all route........(ˉ▽ ̄~)

king Leylard the second Jun 28, 2020 3:05PM

And one more think, you learned washiwashi max from Nontan? (Nozomi)
Got the master.(ˉ▽ ̄~)

Gewell Nov 19, 2020 2:08AM

Everybody becomes sexy for Yu lmao

fattioji Jan 26, 2021 1:44AM

boobs out for yu