GrimEater Jan 6, 2020 10:08PM

Times up

Fairy of the Gilded Lilies Jan 6, 2020 10:08PM

Damn! Girl with the glasses got some mad skills! Look at that shaking!

Beefaroni Jan 6, 2020 10:14PM

^If the author were edgy, that would be a bad sign.
Also, did the days pass, or did she just fast forward their relationship to this point on the same day?

Bugpope Jan 6, 2020 10:17PM

Did she use the pen to do it?

Azero25 Jan 6, 2020 10:19PM

looking real smug about it

Fairy of the Gilded Lilies Jan 6, 2020 10:27PM

@Beefaroni Hm... Fair point...
I think she fast-forwarded it a lot.

Serenata Jan 6, 2020 10:32PM

Good job!! that's so hot

TctyaDDK Jan 6, 2020 10:33PM

Meganekko took only 1 day to unlock blondie's inner yuri. Nice.

daydream_dog94 Jan 6, 2020 10:38PM

What else did she do with that marker O.o

nio_neka Jan 6, 2020 10:39PM

mission accomplished! she's been yuri-fied.

ClaudeSP89 Jan 6, 2020 10:53PM

Was wondering the same 0.o

LOL.Glasses girl won big time.

Random Wanderer Jan 6, 2020 11:23PM

Very nice.

Maximus66 Jan 6, 2020 11:28PM

Megane is like those creepy oyajis who make same pictures after sex with another one JK

hieudeptrai Jan 6, 2020 11:30PM

So this is cheating?

Random_Bird Jan 6, 2020 11:31PM

@Maxumus66 Yeah, but she's cute, so she can get away with more :P

Norainhere Jan 7, 2020 12:07AM

Apparently this is a parody/reference to this alligator comic:

Reirin Jan 7, 2020 12:13AM

Damn! bravo gal!

kickap00 Jan 7, 2020 1:34AM

I rarely see instant loss 2-koma’s of yuri. Nice

hellowitchy Jan 7, 2020 2:23AM

love me some gyarus being bottoms

Grail Jan 7, 2020 3:23AM

99 days? All it took was one

DY4Y Jan 7, 2020 4:45AM

I want a full series about these two.

BugDevil Jan 7, 2020 5:08AM

Well that went as expected. I think this requires a Cheating tag unless the gyaru was just fronting about having a bf.

luinthoron Jan 7, 2020 5:08AM

Breaking straight girls and the fourth wall to fix the number.

TifalovesAerith Jan 7, 2020 5:39AM

This alone is far better than author's attempt to kamen rider, should invest on that

koniny Jan 7, 2020 10:39AM

Master <3

BV Jan 7, 2020 10:43AM

^ I guess that makes the gyaru the apprentice?

Lyca Jan 7, 2020 11:08AM

Mmm look at how wet blondie got. She dripped all over the sheets

pogotun Jan 7, 2020 12:01PM

give me more gyaru

iBal Jan 7, 2020 1:27PM

Somehow she look like honey trap when she's still in highschool

Senjougahara_sama Jan 7, 2020 8:09PM

A job well done, eh?

Mimiyaah Jan 7, 2020 9:57PM

Poor boyfriend he didn’t see it coming

elevown Jan 7, 2020 9:59PM

So is she taking this picture on blonde girls phone maybe?

AvacadoSandwitch Jan 8, 2020 6:54AM

According to the source tags it looks like it is NTR and rape

luinthoron Jan 8, 2020 7:10AM

^Seeing how the blondie said she had a boyfriend on the previous part, that's pretty obvious, yes.

taetaetr Jan 8, 2020 9:18AM

So hot, short but satisfying.

last edited at Jan 8, 2020 9:19AM

elevown Jan 8, 2020 9:30AM

@AvacadoSandwitch just because it was tagged that on some other image site doesn't mean it is- they are often wrong. unless its the artists description. I mean its not ntr without the guy being involved and he isn't- at least just in these 2 images- a girl cheating doesn't make it ntr.. and if it was rape would she really orgasm like that? Also- its not exactly 'succumbing' to yuri if its not consensual is it?

So unless we get a description from the artist deserving those tags, I'm gonna say it only warrants a cheating tag, and the image site it was pulled from just guessed tags that are not all accurate.

last edited at Jan 8, 2020 9:33AM

Lilliwyt Jan 8, 2020 9:51AM

^ The "image site" in question is the Pixiv of the artist itself so i think sometime know what it talking about. Here is the source of the two pictures and see yourself the tags that sometime put : NTR and lesbian rape

last edited at Jan 8, 2020 9:51AM

elevown Jan 8, 2020 10:08AM

^yup- I still dont see how its ntr even if the artist says so tho- they must mean the story behind it.. and even then I dont count type 3 ntr is real ntr.. Its apparently a parody follow on of the first image done sometime later. I assume the artists tag their own stuff on there?

last edited at Jan 8, 2020 10:10AM

Lilliwyt Jan 8, 2020 10:15AM

^ I mean, on the previous picture the blonde girl said she had a boyfriend. It's not hard to put 1 and 1 together. As for the parody Norainhere as explain it :

Apparently this is a parody/reference to this alligator comic:

last edited at Jan 8, 2020 10:15AM

Sabruness Jan 8, 2020 1:30PM

damn, this needs a full series!

jaymiechan Jan 8, 2020 2:36PM

@Lilliwyt just looked through the "lesbian rape" tag. whole lotta futa, and also a whole lot of stuff that looks more like "lesbian sex but it's gotta be rape because it is two women, lulz"

Polycell Jan 8, 2020 2:53PM

and if it was rape would she really orgasm like that?

Yes. Orgasm(for both sexes) is achieved primarily via physical stimulation, consent be damned.

Surya P Jan 8, 2020 3:05PM

I feel like that because there only two images that the R#pe tag can be discarded. I mean there can be several things that could have led the blonde to have sex with the glasses girl in the span of 24 hours. It would be better to leave an open interpretation of the scenes to the viewers.

BugDevil Jan 8, 2020 3:13PM

^If the artist tags it Rape and NTR then we don't get to question it. It's what is intended.

BV Jan 8, 2020 4:03PM

This whole discussion about the tags over at pixiv is something I wish I didn't indulge in reading. Curiosity killed the cat.

Risamari Jan 8, 2020 4:22PM

That's no good.

BV Jan 8, 2020 4:28PM

^ Let me translate what I meant by "Curiosity killed the cat.":
My curiosity as to the context of these two images killed my enthusiasm about both images, especially this one.

LesbianPirate Jan 9, 2020 10:58PM

i really liked these two images as well but fuck that context

ReadingDoujinshi Jan 10, 2020 12:10AM

does this count as NTR?

katewarner Jan 10, 2020 1:55PM

^ NTR involves the third party subjugating the targeted partner, through coercion or outright force or mental duress. This happens so the reader can have a sadistic, contemptuous enjoyment in destroying intimacy and stranding the intimate partner who has lost her or her partner to the offense.

So if you think the girl lying on the bed shaking with her face hidden was hustled into it and subjugated, that's NTR.

BugDevil Jan 10, 2020 1:59PM

^Or we just see that the artist tagged it NTR on her Pixiv.

katewarner Jan 10, 2020 2:09PM

^ Yes, but it's worth bearing the definition in mind. It's easy to adapt the image to one's preferred context.

BugDevil Jan 10, 2020 2:13PM

^Sure seems to be what the mods prefer, because they deleted the Rape tag again. Guess people would rather be wilfully ignorant.

katewarner Jan 10, 2020 2:15PM

^ It's hard to face the fact that one may be enjoying something vile. It's easier to say it's "just a picture".

Nevri Jan 10, 2020 2:24PM

It's just a picture though.

BV Jan 10, 2020 2:34PM

I'm someone who is not ignorant of the truth here, but I wish I remained blissfully unaware.

Iron Maiden Jan 11, 2020 6:06AM

you know the old saying? time flies when you're having fun.

Ruise Jan 12, 2020 1:47PM

The context is unfortunate.

raeminyr Jan 12, 2020 9:34PM

Nice blended orgasm there, miss with the glasses. Miss Gyaru got it intense.

riverFlower Apr 7, 2020 10:09PM

Ugh, what a squicky context. Could have lived without knowing that was the intention behind this 2koma.

Edit: Went back to this because I was curious about what the tag "#lesbian rape" actually looks like on Pixiv. I can't read any of the Japanese, but it doesn't look like a serious tag ?

Like nothing on there looks like actual rape. Only one that looks like it's more seriously used is this one which I say because Google translate says they're bullying her and she's crying in the panels.

Well whatever. I think this can be chalked up to unclear authorial intentions if we don't know what that tag means to the creators.

last edited at May 14, 2020 6:49PM

kiikun May 29, 2020 2:39AM

If this is rape than the gyaru still straight not lesbian, even i love Yuri lesbian rape still shit

Chinro Jan 16, 2021 1:02AM

Context adding value for me!

god forgive me May 24, 2021 3:14AM

Her Boyfriend: i- ....

juanelric May 29, 2021 9:23PM

@kiikun you like rape?

qualia Oct 7, 2021 7:53AM

If the author doesn't know what NTR means, then we ignore their tags and use our system.

Words have meanings and just because an author FEELS that their work deserves a tag doesn't mean another tag isn't a better fit, especially given that Dynasty use a different definition than pixiv anyway.

Besides, allowing whatever tags the author used be on here is just asking for retarded tagging be defended under "muh author's intention". And if we want to prevent that, it becomes necessary to reject good art if the author use tags that conflict with the rest of their kind on Dynasty. This is practical, long term consideration, not being "willfully ignorant" or whatever strawman you use when the mods don't do what you like Bugdevil.

last edited at Oct 7, 2021 7:53AM

Vankomycin Oct 7, 2021 8:38AM

Why are we trying to resurrect an argument that's been dead for almost two years with a poster who was banned over a year ago?

random Oct 7, 2021 8:46AM

^because reading timestamps is for lusers and fegits